Monday, 23 July 2012

Status Update

The website has been updated! Gandanur now has a forum where you can discuss everything about our awesome server tool. The manual has also been updated and should now load faster. All downloads will now go through mediafire to ensure the download links will remain working in the distant future.

About Gandanur itself. I've been working together with HaloRank to provide player and game statistics using Gandanur. Apart from this I've also been working on the other parts again. A few small updates here and there are already done. New features will also be added, but more about that in the future!

What I can provide you is the release date for the next version: 30 November 2012. On that day Gandanur 12.10.0 will be released in the wild (unless my new jobs requires more time then expected). The new features will be slowly revealed in the coming weeks! During September possible patches will be released in case bugs are found.

The future is looking good :)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wireshark Gamespy Protocol Dissector

When working on the gamespy CD key authentication protocol I quickly threw together a wireshark LUA script to dissect the packets. Although the CD key validation protocol is already widely known [1], it's still very usefull that wireshark automatically decodes the traffic for you. Essentially it applies the gamespy XOR cipher to decrypt the gamespy packets [1]. A screenshot explains this best:

If anyone is interested in the code, you can download the lua dissector script for wireshark. Copy it to the main directory of wireshark and add the line
to the end of the file init.lua (also located in the main directory of wireshark) [2]. Note that's just a little script aimed at other programmers, feel free to improve.

[1] Aluigi, Explanation of the authentication method used by the GamespyCD-Key SDK 0.1.
[2] The Wireshark Wiki: Lua.