Friday, 12 August 2011

Website is back

Note: For now you can use the old manual. Although it's outdated it's better than nothing. I'm working on getting the new one back online.

What has happened?

Due to problems at my old webhost I was forced to move my website. My new webhost then took a while to properly configure the domain for But all is working now. The old content is gone however. This means the forum and parts of the wiki (= the manual) are lost.

I will work on finishing this website so people can easily download Gandanur again. Then the forum and wiki will be brought back online (and with new content).

What about Gandanur?

I've worked on Gandanur in collaboration with To keep it short: Gandanur is used to track statistics of the games played on a halo server. Here HaloRank relies on Gandanur to provide a stable server tool that is able to gather and send player and game statictics.

The next features of Gandanur will include afk kick and the ability to broadcast messages.