Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Slowly but well

Slowly but well Gandanur is taking over the world. Okay maybe not really, but nevertheless progress is being made ;)

The last few months the webhosting has been a mess. Partly because finding a non-expensive but reliable host has been problematic, partly because I keep changing URL's. However the work done in the background is slowly paying off! Gandanur how has its own new URL: http://www.gandanur.com! To keep things reliable all downloads are mirrored in this public dropbox folder.

The Gandanur manual is now also back online. As you'll be able to see it already contains an overview of the new features that the next release of Gandanur will contain. I'm still planning on releasing Gandanur this month. It's a tight schedule and will depend whether are not critical bugs will be find during the tests we're running now.

Also I'm planning on getting a forum back up and running. But first I have to test if my current webhost can handle an active forum properly without too much downtime and/or slow loading speeds.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Upcoming features

Lately I've been working on some new features of Gandanur. They are the automatic kicking of inactive players (afk kick), and the kicking of players with a high ping. These features have just been finished and will now be tested.

So the next release will include those two new features. It will also provide a separate download that doesn't include the sv_cdkeycheck command. You can use this version of Gandanur on game servers that currently don't allow you to run Gandanur because of the existence of sv_cdkeycheck.

There will also be some bugfixes and tweaks with regard to performance. In particular the server will never lag when a new player joins. This was caused by the alias module when it's updating the information of the player that is joining. Minor improvements have also been made to assure pings stay stable so Gandanur won't affect the performance of the server.

On a more unrelated note, an interesting post was made on the Modacity forums. Apparently the Principal Engine Program of Halo at Microsoft wants to know what the community is doing with the Halo PC engine. I've made a post about Gandanur in case you're interested.

Stay tuned!