Thursday 8 September 2011

Upcoming features

Lately I've been working on some new features of Gandanur. They are the automatic kicking of inactive players (afk kick), and the kicking of players with a high ping. These features have just been finished and will now be tested.

So the next release will include those two new features. It will also provide a separate download that doesn't include the sv_cdkeycheck command. You can use this version of Gandanur on game servers that currently don't allow you to run Gandanur because of the existence of sv_cdkeycheck.

There will also be some bugfixes and tweaks with regard to performance. In particular the server will never lag when a new player joins. This was caused by the alias module when it's updating the information of the player that is joining. Minor improvements have also been made to assure pings stay stable so Gandanur won't affect the performance of the server.

On a more unrelated note, an interesting post was made on the Modacity forums. Apparently the Principal Engine Program of Halo at Microsoft wants to know what the community is doing with the Halo PC engine. I've made a post about Gandanur in case you're interested.

Stay tuned!


  1. Yay! I'm a big fan of all your tools. Keep up your work! (BTW you have me on xfire already :P)

  2. HAC protected servers? Intriguing!
    HPT Forums

    I miss the Goemitar forum. and host free forums ;)


  3. It's not only intriguing, but also exciting ;)
    Yeah forums have to be added again. First have to find something decent to use as a manual.

  4. You could use phpbb as forum software, it works fine and its open source.

    Btw: Could you re upload your remote control tool source code, because its lost since your site crashed.

    And it would also be useful if you could share the source code you use at the server side so we can see how it works.

  5. I hope the new release helps because there are like 4 people that leave whenever someone joins :/ also, I need help with the remote. I tried using the port that the server runs on, and i couldn't get on. It isn't the problem of the remote control because i just downloaded it and tested another server which is working. I also tried another port that is open for the Remote but it keeps having error : Timeout during handshake phase :/

  6. Never mind about the remote lol i found out the remote versions actually matter :o I didn't think they did. I have 2 use 1.0 for my server and 0.9 for my other server :o

  7. @Nathan: The problem of other people leaving when someone else joins could be caused by the alias module. Updating the information could lag the server. If this is the cause, it will be fixed in the next version.

  8. We really need to get that forum going