Gandanur – Server Tool

Gandanur is a server tool for Halo. It extends the server with new functionality and commands. It works on normal Halo servers and Halo Custom Edition servers. See the manual for install instructions and how to add yourself as admin.

Gandanur 14.7.0 for HaloPC: Unrestricted or Restricted
Gandanur 14.7.0 for HaloCE: Unrestricted or Restricted

Note: The restricted version is the same as the unrestricted version except that it doesn't contain the sv_cdkeycheck command. In other words only the unrestricted version contains the sv_cdkeycheck command.

Remote Control

Remote Control is a utility to administrate and control Gandanur servers. With Remote Control you can remotely execute commands without joining the server. For example, when the server is full you can still connect with Remote Control and execute commands.

Download Remote Control 1.0

Remote Control 1.0 works with Gandanur 11.2.0 and higher. For older releases of the Remote Control that work with Gandanur 1.1.2 see below under the section "Archive".

Gandanur Tools

This program will calculate the hash value of an admin password, so you can manually edit the admins.xml file. Download Gandanur Tools

Sightjacker HaloPC

The Sightjacker is a program used to catch aimbotters. With it you can see when the person you are sigthjacking suddenly snaps to the head of another player. This snapping is caused by the aimbot of course. Currently works with version 1.04, 1.07, 1.08 and 1.09 for HaloPC. Download SightJacker for HaloPC.

Version Changer

The Halo Version Changer allows you to change the version number that halo uses. It is commonly used to run an older halo.exe (eg. 1.07) whilst connecting to a newer server (eg. 1.09). The player can then use all the tools made for the older halo version (1.07) but play on the new dedicated servers. Download Version Changer, this includes the older executables. Be sure to read the manual as well.

Halo PC Server Installer

For convience you also also download the installer of the PC server (version 1.02).


Older versions are not officially supported. Also keep in mind that the manual will reflect the functionality of the latest version. However, in case you need an older version, you can download it here.

Gandanur 13.3.0
Gandanur 11.9.1
Gandanur 11.9.0
Gandanur 11.2.x
Gandanur 1.x.x
Remote Control 0.9

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