Sunday 9 October 2011

Gandanur v11.9.1

The previous update of Gandanur contained a very annoying bug: At random times clients would get the "server closed down" message while the server was still running. This resulted in random players being "kicked" from the server. Considering this is a serious bug I have spent the last few days debugging it and the cause has been found.

The bug occurred because Gandanur incorrectly handled an obscure error that was thrown by Windows when the server receives an ICMP unreachable packet. Without going in too much detail, some firewalls actually block those packets (and those hosts weren’t affected by this bug), while other firewalls allow this packet (those hosts were affected by the bug). Thanks to several testers the bug is now fixed in version 11.9.1 of Gandanur!

So everyone who is having this problem please update to Gandanur 11.9.1.

Also notice on the right side of this page that there is a link to report bugs. So if you have a problem with Gandanur first check if someone else already reported the problem, and if not please report it so I can fix it.


  1. We can't thank you enough for all the time you are putting in this. =)

  2. hay man could u get on xfire or something im trying to compile a old phazor ro run version changing and cd key check and if i could use ur source code for it that would be cool :)

  3. Great job man, could you just tell me how to add custom gametype on a debian server please ?

  4. We use gandanur everyday and it is awesome! Thanks for all the work. Is there a place for feature requests? Or is it possible to get some of our specific code in there? We've written a ranking system that parses log files but we'd like to balance teams based on rank. Plus have a little more info in the log file (if that is even possible) and control over when it creates a new file (everytime a game is played would be perfect). Anyway thanks for all your hard work!!!

  5. @Jake: We now have a forum at where you can post suggestions.