Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hello World

Due to the recent patch for Halo, I will update Gandanur to work with 1.10 in the next few weeks. I can't give an ETA, but there will be an update.

It was a bit of a surprise to see people still using Gandanur, but that's a good thing! Halo is still a special community, as evidenced by this patch to an 11 year old game. And the fact that community members such as Technut, kornman00, and btcc22 helped made the new Halo 1.10 patch possible is an amazing thing to see.

Update: patch will be released before, or on, 30 june 2014.


  1. Lovely news, this.

    As I've mentioned to you, elsewhere: Gandanur is, for me, just the right fit, and I'm delighted to know I can continue using it, post patch.


    Julique (-db-goNe @ http://dftb.clanservers.com )

  2. hi can you do sum scripts sum time :):):)

  3. Really in my opinion I would support THE UNDERTOW servers aka clubgi servers as I know that he has been supporting this mod and is actively using it dedicated on all of his halo servers. I hope the admin knows about gamespy shutdown and will upgrade to the new patch! Not sure exactly how he is but good halo experience on the servers he is hosting

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