Monday 1 April 2013

Gandanur 13.3.0 & HaloRank

Today marks the release of Gandanur 13.3.0 (see downloads page). The main addition to this version is the updated integration with HaloRank, and it's also not a coincidence that today HaloRank has opened its doors. When playing on a Gandanur enabled server you can now let HaloRank track all your games, matches, stats, etc.

Additionally I want to remind you of the sv_blockicmp command. I highly recommend you include the command "sv_blockicmp true" in your init.txt. This solves the problem where, on some servers, players randomly disconnect from the server.

And as you're aware, development for Gandanur happens on a random basis. Behind the scenes a scripting backend is slowly being made, but unfortunately it isn't ready for release yet.


  1. You sure this isn't some april fools joke? Just kidding. It's been too long though... We server hosters mostly moved to Phasor with the exception of Clubgi

    1. You should work with Oxide in combining the great capabilities of Gandanur and Phasor together

  2. Actually, there are many things about Phasor that I don't much appreciate; not a knock against it, just that it isn't for me.

    I, for one, am exceedingly grateful that a more straight forward option in Gandanur is available. It was working fine for me and, so, any updates are a bonus.

    Thanks, again, Omega.

  3. I recently tried out Phasor after using Gandanur for the last year or so. I honestly didn't like it. Phasor offered a lot of things for say, a Zombies gametype or "cheating" ingame, but I didn't want/need these functions. The welcome messages are nice, but I'll wait for Gandanur to get scripting instead. Gandanur is just a much cleaner, intuitive program.

    Keep up the good work Goemitar!